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Established in 2002 by a group of rural women from Makwanpur district, Rural Women Service Centre (RWSC) has been working with women and other vulnerable groups of the district for over a decade now. RWSC believes in establishing a society with social justice, in which all women get the opportunity to live complete lives with respect and dignity. For the socio-economic development of rural women, the organization has established women’s cooperatives in 36 VDCs of the district. As a result, many more rural women have developed to become local leaders who are active in engaging their fellow women in the female empowerment process. RWSC has had experience working in partnerships in the past, including with Plan Nepal, Care Nepal, Action Aid, and so on.

RWSC believes in practicing the ‘participatory process’ for development and change. It focuses on increasing people’s participation, preferably of the marginalized people, in the decision-making process. Various participatory approaches are applied in order to encourage marginalized people to take active part in such processes. The local people and community-based organizations are key stakeholders and take the lead in ‘situation assessments’ and the ‘planning process’ of any development program done in the community. The organization has a close working relationship with all line agencies in the district. Since 2341 groups and 32000 women are affiliated, directly and indirectly, RWSC has access to quick and effective communication with almost all families in almost all of the local levels of Makawanpur. This has been perceived as one of the major strengths of RWSC. RWSC currently has been working in 4 local levels; Bagamati, Makawanpurgadhi, Manahari Rural Municipalities and Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City and supporting for the empowerment of girls and young women through Girls Agency Project and Lead and Decide Project supported by Plan International Nepal.

Present Executive Committee of RWSC


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