Lead and Decide


Lead and Decide program is one of the projects of Rural Women Service Centre in partnership with Pan International Nepal Since 2019. We have been implementing this project in 4 Rural/Municipality of the district targeting Children, Adolescent and youths. The ultimate goal of this project is, Girls and young women lead Change, have control over their bodies and make informed decision about their lives. So, we focus to enhance leadership capacity, facilitate for stigma free SRHR service, promote gender equality to challenge harmful practices and discriminatory social norms for positive transformation of the society. We, through this program aim to achieve the following:

Long term Outcomes (LTO):

LTO 1:Children, adolescents and youths (CAYs) , their families and communities change social norms to address root causes of inequality for systemic changes, including challenging stigma and harmful practices

Intermediate Outcomes:

  1. Families and communities support adolescent girls and young people to challenge harmful practices and norms inlcuding their participation and efforts to challenge harmful/discriminatory social norms and barriers to SRHR ( including Menstrual Taboo*)
  1. Adolescent girls and youth networks are visible as resilient change agents and use their agency and voice to transform harmful social norms and inequitable power relations, including around SRHR

LTO2: Girls, adolescents, and young women  have access to stigma-free SRHR information and services, and can make their own decisions about their sexual, reproductive health and rights free from discrimination, coercion and violence

Intermediate Outcomes:

2.1 Local and provincial government provide a meaningful space for young people to have a voice in decision making processes  and champion young people´s participation in  civil and political rights

2.2 Health facilities take action to provide quality adolescent-friendly, gender-responsive and inclusive SRHR services


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